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The SCAS co-curricular program is a fundamental and important contributor to the growth and development of our students. By providing a rich, diverse and integrated offering, we strive to ensure every student has the opportunity to pursue their passions, try new activities and develop skills, confidence and a growth mindset. 

At St Columba, we have a proud tradition of offering high-quality co-curricular and extended learning programs that cater to the needs and interests of every individual. These programs support our student's academic, social, emotional and physical wellbeing, as well as foster supportive, collaborative and creative communities across the Kindergarten to Year 12 continuum.

The vast array of activities offered aims to appeal widely so that every student can find something of interest. It includes opportunities such as Clubs, Dance, Debating, Drama, Music, Mind Challenges, Extended Learning and Sport.

Aside from learning new skills and building expertise, involvement in the co-curricular program provides opportunities for our students to build confidence and self-esteem, step outside their comfort zones and take risks, collaborate and make friends beyond their usual social groups, and learn important time management skills.

These activities include Skipping Club, Athletics and Running Club and skill development sessions in basketball, netball, cricket, touch football and volleyball. Representative teams such as HRIS (Hunter Region Independent Schools) are advertised for selection times and practice will normally occur on a Monday morning.


A dynamic program of Dance classes, Choirs, Beginner Bands and ensembles such as Drama and Circus are offered at our Iona Performing Arts Centre.

These activities are offered to enhance and support student learning. Some examples include assistance with subject content and homework, honours programs to extend learning and subject revision to develop skills and knowledge in curriculum areas.


These activities include interest groups and Christian-based activities such as Chess Club, Stage 2 and Stage 3 STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics), Gardening Club, Writing Clubs, Robotics, and Sustainability committees.

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