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Driving Excellence in Sport

2024 Elective Sport Model

Introducing the new Elective Sport Model in 2024

The St Columba Anglican School Secondary Elective Sport program will undergo a major overhaul in 2024. Changes will be put in place to propel SCAS towards its goal of being recognised as the premier school sporting program in the region, through engagement, culture and performance.

SCAS Sport and PDHPE staff want to provide students with a premier school sporting experience that allows students of all abilities access to participate and excel in sport.

In 2024, we will move to a streamed sport structure that allows students to select their level of engagement with the elective sport system. Students will either be part of the Representative stream (pathway for students who wish to represent SCAS at HRIS and other school-sport events), or our Foundation stream (pathway for students who enjoy playing sport, and may wish to increase their knowledge/skills in a sport, or try a new sport altogether).

This means HRIS sports, federated sports and sports that are well-supported in the local community will be prioritised, while recreational and leisure options will fall away (e.g. coastal walking, hydro golf, etc.).


Benefits of this model include, and are not limited to:


  • 1.5 hours of dedicated training time for targeted sports each week;

  • introduction of Year 11 and 12 students to the elective sport model;

  • improvement in overall physical literacy for our student body;

  • prioritisation of swimming and water safety education;

  • more students are offered the opportunity to be physically active, and be scouted for the Representative sport program through Talent ID;

  • decreased need for students to attend sport trials and training before and after school, and during Long Break;

  • opportunity to increase the interaction with and receive support from federated sporting bodies through the Sporting Schools program.


One further change to the elective sport model will be the removal of varied costs for individual sports and the introduction of a sport levy of approximately $20 per term, which will be charged to each student. This levy will allow us to provide students with equal access to quality transportation, sporting fields and venues, equipment and coaches.

This means most students will pay $20 per term for sport. The only exception to this will be our swimming/APOLA program, where an additional cost will be required for pool entry and/or surf survival training.

Further information on the new sport model for 2024 is available at the link below.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Sport Department with any questions.

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