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Sport Selections Term 4, 2023

Year 10

At SCAS, we offer a range of competitive and recreational sports and activities to cater for students' interests and abilities.
Year 10 students are involved in a weekly sports program, which takes place on Fridays from 11:30am to 1:00pm. Sports choices include off-site activities held at various locations and on-site activities held on campus.

Cost: Nil

Cricket games and skills on-site at SCAS.

Cost: Nil

Oztag games and skills on-site at SCAS.

Mountain Biking (capped at 20 students)
Cost: Nil (unless loaning a SCAS bike for $50)

Riding along the Googik Track and Wayne Richards.

Beach Volleyball/Vortex Football
Cost: $30

Volleyball and vortex football games at Port Macquarie's local beaches.

Coastal Walking
Cost: $30

Group walking activity accessing coastal paths/beaches around Port Macquarie.

Cost: $30

APOLA-accredited students who are experienced surfers will travel to local beaches under the supervision of SCAS teachers.

Zumba class (capped at 30 students)
Cost: $80

60 minutes of Zumba on-site at SCAS with qualified instructor Jodie Sallustio from Box2Burn gym.

Learn to Surf
Cost: $120

Surfing lessons for beginners provided by Port Macquarie Surf School at Flynns Beach.

Rowing (capped at 12 students)
Cost: $133

Learn to row activities under the guidance of a Level 2 coach at Port Macquarie Rowing Club.

Iona Peak/ITAP Dance
Fees paid in Term

This option is for continuing students only.

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