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Representative Sporting Opportunities

What are the different pathways for sport?

Representative Sport

Representative Sports are competitive opportunities that provide an individual pathway for age-appropriate students to progress to higher representative honours in their chosen sport/s, in accordance with HRIS, AICES or CIS selections procedures. For activities such as Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics, students must place in that event at the School Carnival to progress.

Interschool Sport

Interschool Sports are competitive opportunities for students to represent the school in team or individual sports, where teams are selected and managed by school staff. Students nominate to be selected for these teams and will undergo a trial. Events include Gala Days and Knockout or Statewide Competitions.

Representative Sport: Individual Nominations

In accordance with HRIS/AICES/CIS selection guidelines, we are limited to the number of students submitted for trial. The Head of Sport will have final approval of all submissions.

These forms are for students to nominate themselves for individual pathways. Once students have been notified of the submission of their nomination, parents/guardians will be required to accept the nomination through the Parent Portal.

Parents/guardians will be responsible for making travel arrangements for their child to and from the event venue. Associated costs are the responsibility of the parents/guardians. There will be no SCAS staff supervision available at this activity.

For our records, we would also ask that you email when your child is attending an individual trial or playing in an HRIS, AICES or CIS Team.

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