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Secondary Dance in Term 4

Students interested in joining Secondary Co-curricular Dance or auditioning for Secondary Touring Dance can attend classes in Weeks 1 and 2. Auditions for the 2024 Secondary Touring Dance Stream will also be held in Weeks 1 and 2 of Term 4.

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Changes to Co-curricular Dance in Term 4


At the beginning of Term 4, Monday 9 October, rehearsals will begin for our 2024 Dance Showcase and eisteddfods. This is to ensure that there is ample rehearsal time and allows the students to start working together with their new peers.

To facilitate these changes, as of Term 4 2023:

Year 6 students, who will be in Year 7 in 2024, are to now attend Secondary Co-curricular Dance on a Monday afternoon, from 3:45pm to 4:45pm in Dance Studio A. They will no longer be attending Stage 3 Dance.

Open Invitation – Secondary Co-curricular and Co-curricular+ Dance 2024


Dance Auditions Weeks 1 and 2, Term 4


Come and Try!
Dance Co-Curricular Stream

“Dance as Theatre” 
Inclusion, Theatricality, Performance 

This stream is totally inclusive and is designed around promoting each student’s exposure to different styles of dance, including jazz, musical theatre, lyrical, classical and contemporary. Students will enjoy the costuming, sets, props, spectacle and theatricality of dance in this stream.

We invite current students in Years 6 to 11 as well as students in the 2023 Secondary Co-curricular Dance Stream who either wish to audition for the 2024 Secondary Touring Dance Stream or who are interested in joining the 2024 Secondary Co-curricular Dance Stream to attend classes on Monday 9 October 3:45pm to 4:45pm (Week 1) as well as Monday 16 October 3:45pm to 4:45pm (Week 2). Classes will be held in Dance Studio A. If students own the SCAS Dance Uniform they should wear this. Alternatively, they can wear some other tight-fitting clothes like a singlet and leggings. No prerequisites or audition material required. Auditions are open to boys and girls of St Columba.

Dance Co-Curricular+ Stream

“Dance as Empowerment” 
Extension, Mastery, Virtuosity 

This stream includes eisteddfod competitions for students who want to represent SCAS, compete and travel. Students who are selected for Touring Dance are completely immersed in the training, study, performance and competition aspects of dance.

Students in the 2023 Secondary Touring Dance Stream who wish to audition for the 2024 Secondary Touring Dance Stream should attend auditions on Tuesday 10 October 7:30am to 8:40am (Week 1) as well as Tuesday 17 October 7:30am to 8:40am (Week 2). Weekly rehearsals for successful students are also held at this time. The Secondary Touring Dance Stream is open to students studying ITAP Dance in Stage 4 as well as Dance Elective in Stage 5 and Stage 6. Auditions are open to boys and girls of St Columba. Auditions will be held in Dance Studio A. Students are to wear the SCAS Dance Uniform. If they are yet to purchase a uniform, students can wear alternative appropriate dancewear. No audition preparation is required.

Both groups will perform at the SCAS Dance Showcase as well as compete in Port Macquarie Eisteddfod. The Touring group will also travel to compete in Sydney Eisteddfod.

These groups will remain open to new students until Week 6, Term 1 2024. We require committed numbers by this date for consistency in rehearsals, choreography and stage positions as well as costume orders. Thank you for your understanding. We hope to see you at auditions in Term 4, or for new students to SCAS in 2024, when we start back in the new year.

Please email or see Mrs Lukes in the Performing Arts staffroom if you have any questions.

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